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by Sugardrum

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released May 1, 2009

Nigel - vocals & acoustic guitar
Beth - vocals and cello


all rights reserved



Sugardrum Surrey, UK

Sugardrum is the musical name of songwriter, storyteller and multi-instrumentalist Nigel Bunner. Lying on the boundary between folk and indie the new EP “3 Penny Postcard” is the follow up to the debut EP "Where Once Were Roads" which was featured on the BBC 6music Introducing Mixtape. ... more

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Track Name: Rainglow
It shines on you,
it shines on you,
and when we’re through,
we’ll repay our debt to the world,
when we’re through, we’ll see...
we’ll see you.

It shines on you,
it shines on you,
but there’s no time,
to repay our debt to the World,
there’s no time...
to see you.
Track Name: 1 of 1
When we were young we looked at clouds
to see what we could find there
resemblances they passed us by,
waiting to be found there and oh...
how the days were still.

and all the places that we travelled to
when time was young and there was nothing to do
then we grew old without a fuss
and you and I we both agreed it wasn't for us

machines and screens they fill our dreams
and tell us what to do
while we build so high we fill the sky
and suffocate our view
and friends drift slowly away
our friends drift slowly away...
Track Name: Aunt Agony
Dear Troubled from Leicesterfield,
you wrote in to say you were lonely,
and how nobody listens, except for the neighbours dog.
So we sent you away, to live in the movies,
where people look tiny,
and wear their smiles always to please.

But let us be like you, let us be like you...
let us be liked, let us be liked.

Well you say you’re still lonely, so we’ve entered you
into a game show. There’s four different clocks to win,
none of them with the right time. And if you won,
it would change nothing at all...
it would change nothing at all..

But let us be like you, let us be like you...
let us be liked, let us be liked.

Well we loaded you with suppliments,
to suppliment those who are loaded,
and you’ve come back to tell us,
that all that you do, goes wrong.
So our advice, is to do nothing at all...

You should do nothing at all.
Track Name: Easily Pleased
A message for the easily pleased,
your new delight is waiting for you,
your new delight, is ready for you.

How can you tell what’s good or bad,
when you praise so much that doesn’t compare?
I wish you’d find a way to compare.

For you let so much, so much, wash over you...